Amelia’s Enchanted Forest Party

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AMELIA ENCHANTED. With sugar flowers, hand-crafted foliage, stone-textured design, edible moss, and sugar butterflies; this has got to be one of our favorite Sugarcraft MNL cakes this year so far. We had a magical time crafting this Enchanted Forest cake for dear Amelia Manzano Reyes. Oh, and it lights up at night – like having a bunch of fireflies – for added whimsy. Continue reading

Milly’s Blush and Greenery Party

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MAKE ME BLUSH. Less is definitely more when it comes to crafting elegant cakes and desserts. Here’s Sugarcraft MNL’s delicatedly designed Blush and Gold Watercolor-splashed cake and desserts with 24K edible gold for Milly’s baptism party. And yes, those are real rosemary sprigs on our Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes on our Dessert Bar. Continue reading