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KAWAII! Goodness gracious, can this cake be any cuter? We had tons of fun creating this incredibly detailed, gravity-defying Sugarcraft MNL Kawaii-themed cake for Sarene’s uber-adorable birthday bash.

Theme: Kawaii | Colors: Pink, Lavender, Lemon Yellow, Mint, Purple

38749778_10156795805084009_6053203293528653824_oKawaii Themed Party - Kawaii Themed Cake - Cake Supplier Manila38753053_10156795805874009_6354114818319843328_o38765858_10156795807574009_7932041757980622848_o38772394_10156795806084009_1675272218805796864_o38774873_10156795803489009_8597787561743613952_o38776697_10156795809144009_2096022595399843840_oKawaii Themed Party - Kawaii Themed Cake - Cake Supplier ManilaKawaii Themed Party - Kawaii Themed Cake - Cake Supplier Manila38793830_10156795803709009_1130404850794758144_o38797031_10156795806554009_4552866926639972352_o38804461_10156537104107071_7857889302234005504_o38810234_10156795805719009_5677424935375470592_o38811549_10156795807504009_3255529079440408576_o38821354_10156795806449009_6451292499251036160_o38837090_10156795808984009_8741238339853615104_o38846262_10156795808809009_5458437777156734976_o38849850_10156795804354009_5137650470864551936_o38870680_10156795805279009_8096294716267560960_o38907290_10156795804734009_1248364963643260928_o38907525_10156795808919009_3718292070209683456_o39907525_10156795808919009_3718292070209683456_oSugarcraft Blog Thumbnails

Thank you, Mommy Jeck Maeirhofer! Happy Birthday, Sarene!

Cake: Sugarcraft MNL
Venue: Blueleaf Filipinas, Aseana
Coordination: Teena Baretto
Styling: GP The Storyteller
Photo & Video: NicePrint Photography
Dessert Buffet: Kath Donila
DJ: Hannah Manzano
Inflatables: Caleb’s Inplaytafun
Host: Clowning Around
Activities: The Nest Play and Partypad, Supersized, AshnaStar Face & BodyArts
Giveaways: Ogalala World, Pigeon Baby PH, InstaMUG, Eunoia Souvenirs & Events, H&S
Food Carts: Flo Fancy Carts Ph, Tako Bar Manila, Nacho Freeto

~ Joey Legaspi

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